Input form not triggering workflow on pressing ENTER


I am experiencing some odd behaviour with the input form.

I have a standard input form + button. My expected behaviours are as follows:

  • Users types something in input form and presses the button to trigger workflow. This works fine as expected.

  • User types something in input form and hits ENTER to trigger workflow. **This does not always work **. The workflow only appears to be triggered on ENTER in this scenario that the user has already at least once hit the form submit button. For example, if I first load the page, type something in the input, hit ENTER, nothing will happen. If I then click the button, it will trigger the workflow. From that point on, hitting ENTER triggers teh workflow correctly.

Is this a known issue? Or could I have misconfigured something.


I now realise I can run two parallel workflows with one using input value has changed and the other using the submit button. If there is no cost difference, then this is a non-issue.


I ran into the same issue. How I configured it:

When this button is clicked AND whatever inputs are not supposed to be empty’s value is not empty -> do the workflow.

After this, you can click enter to trigger the workflow.


I have serious problems with this too, what I discovered so far:

  1. On a fresh page load pressing ENTER don’t trigger the search, just lose focus on the input.

  2. If I select the search box again (with his actual content or writing something different) ENTER triggers the workflow.

  3. After the first search, ENTER always works. if page is refreshed the problem repeat the same.

Please @emmanuel can this be fixed? It has major consequences on UX.

@gpdmop, your solution doesn’t work for me.
does anyone have the same problem the same way?



@rhinoted tenho o mesmo probema! Alguém consegue ajudar?

@renatoasse consegue ajudar?