Looking for help on creating a user behavior where a workflow only triggers after hitting 'Return' on input box or search bar

Right now, whenever a user clicks away from an input box (or search bar), whatever is in there will be submitted, as the only option is to trigger the workflow for the element ‘when value is changed’. However, the behavior should only be triggered whenever the user hits Enter or clicks a button. How do I set up the behavior so this occurs?

Place a button (or group, text, icon, etc) and do Edit workflows then do add your actions for that workflow instead.

In an action you can still reference “Input A’s value” even though you are triggering the workflow from a button.

Thank you. But what if I want the user to be able to use the keyboard input to submit that, instead of having to click a button. Similar to how a Google search works

Add a button or an icon that runs a workflow that references the input’s value. Then, as long as you don’t check this box on the input element, the workflow will also trigger if the user presses the Enter key.

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