Signup and Login Page issue

Hello, I am new to Bubble, I recently created a signup and login page and obviously there are some problems in preview…

Problem 1: When I clicked signup, nothing happens on the page, but I did get an welcome email.
Problem 2: When I clicked login, nothing happens no the page…

Can anyone help me?

Hey! Welcome!

Please provide screenshots (bonus points for a screen recording) of your issue. That way, someone can hopefully help you.

I second what @mac2 wrote. without seeing anything I’d ask if you have workflows set up for the signup and login buttons (to sign a user up and log a user in and then redirect them to whatever screen/page you want them to go to next)?

Hi guys, thank you so much for checking up about this issue. After the investigation, I noticed the workflow wasn’t set up at all. Now it is fixed, thanks again.

Glad to hear. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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