Input: Search User - Cannot Select Result

I am building a project management tool where my managers give their team feedback at the end of each shift. I have created a page where the manager does an input search for “user” to find their team member. User’s are labeled as team members yes/no, so the constraint is team member=yes.

The search is displaying options. If I type in “Ja” in the search field I can see Jane, Janet, Janelle, for example. However, if I try to click on any of these names the input does not capture. It resets instantly, rending my search useless.

My end goal is to select a user, assign a star rating, add any manager notes, then “submit” with a button that creates a new thing (star rating) whereas the search value is added to the star rating thing as the “name”.

Can someone help me make the results of my search “selectable” so that I can save the name into my “star rating” database?

Look like you are using an input field and an RG, Use searchbox to ease the life

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