Input Value Changed event not triggering for Drop Down


I have a drop down with a number of options including an “Other” option as the final option.

When the user selects “Other”, I have a Date Input which appears using a Conditional based on the Drop Down’s value.

My problem is that if the user selects “Other”, the “Input’s value is changed” event does not trigger. It triggers for all other options but not the “Other” option.

Note that this is a complicated configuration with the drop down’s options and intial value set via queries .

Frustratingly I can’t recreate the issue - a very simple drop down and date input works correctly.

Does anyone know of any setting which could be causing this behaviour?



What the debugger tells you?

I’ve tried setting a breakpoint but it is not triggered.

Apart from that it looks fine.

Show your conditions
The input should have a condition to be visible the Dropdown value is other

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