Input value's require more parameters

I’m having difficulty getting the value of a field of type input and passing it on worlkflow to create a new record, all the other inputs work but this one, when I choose the option to fetch the value of the field, it seems that it requires some kind of treatment, but I didn’t understand why.
he’s demanding more…

Hi there, @raphael.psilva… what is the content format of the input and what is the field type of the field? There is likely a type mismatch between the two, so the expression can’t resolve without more operators.


hello mike, so i figured it could be that, but both fields are integer type. I may not understand the problem.

Thank you for your help.

It’s a type mismatch. The content format of the input field is integer, but the field type of the field you are setting via the input is linked to the custom data type PRODUTOS. What are you trying to do with the two different CODPROD fields in the custom data types?

I did a test, deleted the field from the TEMP_ITENSPEDIDOS table and removed the relationship with the order table, leaving the field type only as numeric and it worked, but I don’t know what impacts I can have, because I lost the relationship between the tables.

so I have this PRODUCTS table that stores the list of products that I’m going to sell and I have the TEMP_ITENSPEDIDOS table with the order items, the product being sold, quantity, price and so on. so when I created the order items table, when creating the product code field, when choosing the type I chose the products table, I believe that this creates a foreign key in the table, internally in the bubble. in the text input, when defining the type of content, the numeric options are just integer or decimal and when creating the field in the table of products, the type was numeric.