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I need to change a field of a type that is a number. The value is supposed to come from an input, however, it seems that is not possible to format an input form to be a number. So when the user types the Tip amount ( a number) it wont allow the workflow to run. Due to the mismatch of field type and the data type coming from the input form.

I have tried to format the input value to be a number, a decimal, a currency, but nothing works. and when I try to format to a number, to make it match with the field, it keeps asking for parameters:

I also tried to hack it by putting the same value into a text, and send this value to the workflow value, but on the workflow I cannot make the value of the field to come from that text element.

If the input element doesn’t work with number? how to allow the user to input a number???
or What to do to allow user to digit the desired amount of tip?

The tip field on the data type is set to be a number, by the way. In order to add up all the values later on.

I hope I made myself clear, if not, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help

The Input has a field called, “Input Type.” You probably need to change that to be a number. Based on what you’ve shown here, that’s what I would guess the problem is.

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Hi @andrewgassen

Thanks for your reply. The input type (shown in the element appearance window as “Content format”) doesn’t display an option to be a number. It does show the option to be: "Text(numbers only) however this creates a conflict when I try to Use the expression in other workflow, showing a message. The problems seems to be that it is not actually a number, but still text. So, bottom line, the input doesn’t give the option to be a number

You’re right, it’s not called “number.” I think you’d need to choose either Integer or Decimal for it to work properly. Have you tried that?


Hi @andrewgassen!

yes, I have tried both. The thing is that the input is supposed to be the value of the tip. I don’t have it very clear what’s the reason for this to create a conflict. Either Currency, integer or decimal seems to work. What to do?

There must be a way to make the input to register a number and to create a register on the database. How?

I’m having this same issue at the moment - I have an input, with type “decimal”, and when I try to save, use, or do anything with the value inputted, it just doesn’t do anything. I think this is a bug at this point.

You have the data type set up correctly in the database right? The datatype should match up to the input data type?

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