Input with the search for an existing thing

When a user wants to create a new thing, how to show him an existing things with similar name?

Like on screen.

Hi Andrey,

If you use a search input and choose “allow entries not in list” you can achieve this effect.

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@skylershelton Thanks. One more point for you. If user type some name which stay in list of thing how to redirect him to the page of this project?

You need to create a new page where the Data Type (and it’s fields) will be displayed.

So create the page and set it’s content to Type . In my demo’s case, it’s: <Page: Food> .

Next, use text fields and other displays/inputs to display whatever data you want the user to be able to manipulate.

My demo allows you to see details about the selected food. There is an Image of the food, the name, country of origin and a price estimate. So on <Page: Food> I created an image element and three text elements. Then I used dynamic data <Current Page’s Food: image> <Current Page’s Food: country of origin> and so on.

In the repeating group on the first page, you add a navigation link to navigate to Page: food and send the to <Page: food>.

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@skylershelton Thanks a lot. Your explanation is very useful and detail.
Happy New Year

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