How to make a list of date/time

Hello Guys, I’m trying to generate a list of dates for my scheduler app.
I am using the toolbox plugin’s expression element to write JS.

Here is the code I wrote by trying to learn JS from the internet (I have never written JS).
Can someone just correct it.

var lst = [Current date/time:rounded down to date];

var i;
for (i = 1; i < 24; i++)
//idk how to do it :frowning:

return lst;

I want my output to be a list of today’s date with the time varying by an hour. So it’ll look something like this
[‘26/8/2020 00:00’, ‘26/8/2020 01:00’, ‘26/8/2020 02:00’, . . . . . . ‘26/8/2020 23:00’]

PS. I would love to know if this is possible without any code in bubble.

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