Insert unknown number of items as dynamic data for API POST call

I’m using Bubble’s backend workflow to GET a Woocommerce order, and POST the results in our Administration platform. The API connections are working, we already use it to copy the customer data.

Now I want to POST the ordered items as well. But this is an unkown number of different items. (some customers order 1 item, some order 4 different items).

- How do I place this as dynamic data in a API POST call?

This is a POST example for 2 items:





Hello @tim12 did you find how to get this? i´m dealing with the same problem, thanks

You can make the param dynamic just call it

Then take the list of things and convert it to a json object with a plug-in or JS and pass it through.

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Take a look here. You can create JSON object by formatting lists as text