POST Api Connector Woocommerce

Hello, I need your help with a POST request.
I want to create a Woocommerce client with the REST API. Here is the documentation.

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I can’t send the Billing information (I think its because of parent and child value). What should I put as a key so that it recognizes the value?

Thanks for your help !

Why do you say you cant send billing information? Are your using Body JSON?

No, I am using parameters with Key and Value.

It’s probably better to switch to json body and use < > for dynamic key

I have an error
Is my JSON body correct?
To initialize my call, I have to fill the <> with an example of data inside? I’ve tried both but it doesn’t work.

First thing is to change placeholder. the dynamic key will contain place holder, and under the body box, you have the key. Fill the value there
For example: “email”:,
And value will be "" Don’t forget to use double quotes is needed (boolean and integer doesn’t need them)

Sorry, I’m not sure I understood correctly, I’m using a translator, because if I put “email”: “”, it does retrieve something. But this value is not dynamic.

Could you write me an example line to make sure I’ve understood correctly.

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Why did you not set <email> for email?
What I told you is to set the value under in the value field of the key to intialize API (look at the bottom of your screenshot… you have all the dynamic key set. Now fill the value section)

Thanks for your help !
I have a new question now about the PUT request but I’ll open a new conversation :slight_smile:

This is the right POST request for beginners like me.


I am having an issue with the dynamic settings for boolean values.
As you can see below, instead of creating the “FREETRIAL” key, the API connector sets the dynamic values as a key.

What am I missing?