Inserting data from Excel to App Data

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I am currently trying to use zeroqode’s barcode scanner to scan items. I have an excel document with all the data that corresponds to the barcodes but I am having difficulty importing a whole excel sheet into the data section of Bubble. Is there a simple way to do so?


If it’s a CSV file, you can upload directly into the database from the data tab.

@jcindy81 how do you upload the CSV filed directly into the database from the data tab?

Under the App Data tab, use the Upload button.

You should really join for at least a little bit to get yourself up to speed on things like CSV uploading. These resources can get you up and running pretty quickly.

You have probably seen the site designer in the forum quite a bit.

For anybody looking for an instructional guide as I was…here is what I figured out after a lot of trial and error.

First go into the app ( must be on paid plan to be able to do this ) and open the data section.

Go to here

Click the upload button on right side of screen.


Then you will see this screen popup

Choose your data type, which is from your database. Then Select a file using the “pick a file to upload” button.

After selecting the file you will be prompted to “map the fields”…an important part of making this step smooth is to make sure your excel file as column titles that match exactly the data fields in your database.

For example your data type of users has a data field of “first_name” you need to make sure you excel file has a column title of “first_name” so that the system automatically will match them. This is helpful when needing to upload many entries.

Also important, at least on a personal plan, the upload will only allow up to 100 rows at a time, so you should have excel files with only 100 rows of data…it doesn’t seem to be affected by the number of columns.

I had a set of 1800 entries and needed to have 18 separate excel files with 100 entries each for the upload to work. At first I tried with the 1800 entries on one file and the upload never worked even after letting it go for over 3 hours. The annoying thing is that it created the new entries in the database but with no data.

It took me only 50 minutes to upload the 18 separate files as I had the column titles matched to the data fields and the process was much smoother that way.

Hope this helps somebody else.


How many columns did you have?

I have data sets with many fields for on data type and I’m curious if you hit a wall with the number of fields relating to one item

Around 50 or 60 I think…didn’t hit a wall because of the columns, just the rows

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Awesome thanks.

Any suggestions on how to import data from an excel file without converting to csv?

Anyway to update it automatically through an API? Anywhere I go its usually from bubble to excel or sheet. I want the other way round

You can use something like or Zapier (I prefer Make, its WAY cheaper). The both have bubble in ther connections so its pretty straight forward

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Would you mind sharing the workflow from