Insights on becoming a Bubble freelancer?

Hi there,
Want to hear some insights about how can I manage to find customers, as a Bubble web app developer.
I mean, how would I advertise myself? ‘Web developer?’
Should I use linkedin?
Any idea would be welcome!

Full stack web developer I suppose? I mean you’d be able to work with front and back end anyways.

take a look at since they have a pretty clean approach, they’re also listed on the app store

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Thanks @irvinacosta27 and @gakanimal for replying!

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I’d also recommend building a reputation within the Bubble community by becoming a Bubble expert and sharing advice and insights on the forum. Community members can tell when someone is good and that often leads to referrals, etc.


Depends what your goal is:

  1. Establish yourself as the go-to Bubble developer (if someone knows about Bubble but doesn’t know how to do their task in Bubble)

  2. Use Bubble technology to out perform traditional development companies in their turf.

Goal 1:
Good advice:

Goal 2:

Use LinkedIn, Upwork, Google Adword, and direct contact to get customers.

I recommend starting with local businesses by walking in and telling them how you can develop them some amazing products faster and cheaper than the other guys. Do your first projects cheap and take a long time to do a great job. Build a portofilio and then move onto bigger projects when your comfortable.

Good Luck,
Nic | Codurly


Thank you, good advice!

Thank you for your detailed reply!

Already began to make my portfolio, but don’t have enough ‘courage’ to consider myself as a full stack web developer :confused:
, because what if they’ll want something that (now) bubble cannot do?

…what if they’ll want something that (now) bubble cannot do?

In my experience, find a workaround to it or negotiate with the client to find a compromise if the feature they want is important to have now.

While it’s good to think ahead for situation like this, it all depends on a per-client/project basis.

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There’s no such thing as confidence or courage, it doesn’t exist. The only thing is a lack of fear. Don’t fear offering your services. Just go and do it, and find your level.

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I think you all have good points. I was contemplating those issues, and said to myself: why not ask the forum.

@ethan and @gakanimal – I think you are right, overthinking doesn’t make things happen. Thanks.

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Are you doing freelance? If yes, email me: Thanks!


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