Inspiration for practice

Looking for some ideas of what to make on bubble to help develop my skills. Any thoughts?

clone this

I would suggest first working through the lessons and videos. Then, simply start implementing whatever idea you have which prompted you to consider the Bubble platform, and work through issues as you encounter them.

Always search the forum first, though, before posting a question. There’s a lot of useful information here, including links to 3rd party tutorials - both paid and free.

If you are looking to develop your skills with assistance, I cannot suggest anyone more than @romanmg and the resources she has compiled. Solid walk through, technical application, and a repository of components of value. Well worth the investment for her course and paid content.

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Just answer questions here in the forum. People are often like, “I’m trying to do this.” Just do that and then go, “Well, here’s what I did. It wasn’t actually too difficult, but I learned, x, y, and z…”

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Thank you, @jballou!

@cliffwoodjames, it looks like you’re wanting inspiration for something to copy, so my lessons, tutorials, etc might not be what you need. If you want to learn in order to build your own ideas/app, though, here’s an intro video that might help you out.

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