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I am new and would want to find out the quickest way to master Bubble

Hi, everyone. I am non-tech and have no prior experience in coding or anything related, but I would like to build an app on something that I believe will solve many problems. While doing my research 4 days ago, I read about Bubble for the first time.

I have started the tutorial and while I understand some things, I am lost on others. I don’t want to waste my time trying to figure out what works and what does not so I would like to find out from other experienced users about what worked for them to master Bubble when they started out.

Thank you.

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Tutorials, the forum, experimentation, and maybe take a look at some free templates to see how various processes can be done.

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Thank you so much for this. I appreciate.

There are great courses on Udemy and they are running a promo of all courses for $9.95 until 5th Jan. The one I am doing was released in Nov 2020 “The complete guide to Bubble visual programming” by Henry Legge.
Good luck, Mark.


Thanks so much for this, Mark. I will check out the course. Did you find it very useful? How much did it help you? Thanks.

I found it excellent with a detailed structured set of modules and you can follow him building two webapps from scratch.
One module is on responsive design which is excellent.
Good luck, Mark.

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Wow this sounds like something I would be interested in. Will register asap.

Thanks so much, Mark.

Hi, Mark.

I just bought the course.

Thank you for recommending it.

There are lots of great tutorials, classes, courses paid or free out there. But it’s easy to get lost in all the “how to build a [insert app] clone” videos out there.

For me personally, whenever I try to learn a new software, I break it down in small chunks.
Start with something simple, as simple as creating a button to add something to the data base, then a button to delete the thing. Then add a button to update a thing. Now you can learn how a repeating group works to display the data.

Then set out to build a very basic project. Don’t even think about your “great app idea” yet.
Instead… build a silly photo album app. “user can sign up. upload a picture, change the picture and delete the picture and also display it in a repeating group” BAM! you just built your first app combining the basic stuff you know from learning the individual steps needed.

Then throw it all out. Now you can look into how to let other users see the data in a meaningful way. Then build another silly app that lets a user sign up - upload data - manipulate it and display it per user. BAM! you combine these things and you can build a basic recipe sharing app by using the same basic functions you’ve learned, mixed in with something new.

Rinse and repeat.

But for each little bite sized chunk you learn, you will understand that specific component well.
It also makes it much easier to find answers to one small thing than a big “How can I build a recipe sharing app”


Hey @barakat1 :wave:

Most of my clients get a huge leap forward in their developing by having a coach that guides them along the way. Instead of wasting hours on the forum looking for an answer to your specific use case, you can get an answer a lot faster.

Basically it would work like this…

After you book an appointment you get a zoom link and calendar invite. Once the day arrives you log into the zoom meeting.

After a brief introduction, you start sharing your screen and asking questions that you need help with on your project. The coach uses an annotation tool to point you in the right direction to show you how to accomplish what you need. If you have a list of specific questions prepared ahead of time you will get more out of your session. If you send the list of questions ahead of time, you will have an even more productive session.

Check out my site if this interests you.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Just bought the course as we look to use Bubble to launch our MVP of a budgeting app here in the UK. Thanks for the recommendation.


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I have started to learn on my own mostly from Udemy, Youtube and forum, but after some time you see that there are some constraints, and you want to do somethings which you don’t know how, or you see so many unanswered questions on forum. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do some advanced things in Bubble, and the biggest problem is I don’t know where to look for an answer.


Purchase the Bubble beginner course from Udemy by Henry Legge

With this it will help you avoid hours of frustration trying to build and rebuild.

You can start with templates. They give you a head start and you will learn by editing the existing elements and workflows.

Here are a few that I made in case they may be helpful: