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Following advice needed

Hi There,

I’m just getting started on bubble, and I am wanting to build a marketplace app for services. I have been following the tutorials on, and am wondering if I should follow the lessons verbatim, or adapt to my own purposes on the fly…?

Any advice here would be much appreciated.


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I too learn’t from watching his videos, was very effective to get off the ground. What I’ve learnt over time and getting help from others is that there are many ways to do the same thing and overtime you’ll start connecting the dots and deciding what’s best for you.

Watch the videos at least twice, they will make a lot more sense the second time.

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Hey Greg,

When you were watching the videos the first time, were you building in bubble at the same time, or just watching?

If you were building, did you do exactly as the videos said, or adapt the concepts to your own ideas?

I followed the instructions the first time building alongside. The second time I built my own app alongside, this is where I really started to understand.

My vote:

  • Do Bubble’s tutorials
  • Print the reference and READ IT
  • Start building

Bubble is more intuitive than you think. I’m sure you’ll be able to start developing your marketplace in no time. Refer to this forum when you get stuck, but I can’t stress enough how much it helped to read the entire reference.

(I am not familiar with’s tutorials.)

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If you have no previous coding experience then following tutorials is the best way as you will need to be taught why you are doing things a certain way. Otherwise you run the risk of building an app that doesn’t reference the database correctly or make sense from a UX perspective.

Definitely follow the videos/tutorials verbatim before trying to modify for your own purposes. Make sure to do all the one’s - even those that don’t seem relevant because later on you will discover you need it for some reason you didn’t think of. I would estimate you need a minimum of 40 hours bubble learning curve to get the basics of bubble down before going off and trying to do the kind of app you mention. When you run into problems come back to the forum with them :slight_smile:

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@fun great to see you’re taking the airbnb course! We’ve had a few hundred students complete the course and everyone has their own learning style, so I’ve seen it done many different ways. It mostly depends on what your goals are. For example, if this is the first time you’ve built a Bubble app and you’re trying to build something fairly different from Airbnb, @gregjohnkeegan’s advice is sound: go through and build the Airbnb app in the course, and then use the dropdown to reference different lessons/skip around while you build your own app. What you’ll learn is that the same concepts we use in the course to build listings and user -> post relationships can carry over to many other features. I’m in the middle of recording an exciting update (more details this week) but if you get stuck at all, feel free to message me in the Intercom chat on the site. Happy building!