Instagram and Twitter add profile

Hello friends!
I am creating an application where people will communicate and face difficulty, I cannot do the following:

  1. Add to user profile instagram.
  2. Add to Twitter user profile.
    I need the user to be able to add his Instagram and Twitter profile, and other users can see this information.
    It turns out it is necessary that his Instagram and Twitter be added to the database.
    Please tell me how to implement it.


You’d want to integrate with the APIs for those platforms.

For instagram, you can use the API connector and Oauth 2.0. Search and you will find people talking about it in the forums. You’ll use this endpoint: Instagram Basic Display API - Instagram Platform - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

For twitter, there’s a plugin in the store that’s pretty good. Just double-check it has the calls you need before you buy it.

Good luck!

I could not work out from the forum whether the Instagram API was actually still working with Bubble. Maybe there was previously a Instagram plugin that has been removed?

I’d like to be able to authorise a connection between a user in my app and their Instagram account to import images from their Instagram account to their account in my app. I have seen this elsewhere, but not sure if it is feasible with Bubble. Any ideas?

Yes, you’re right. There was an instgram plugin, which was removed.

But the api can be mapped relatively easily using the api connector and the link I posted explains the endpoints you’d need to get pics from insta like you mention. Your first step is to get Oauth 2.0 working so you get a token to make the api calls. Very doable.

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