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Instagram API configure

Is there any guide or video on how to configure and use the Instagram API by Bubble? I want to pull basic profile info of users like name, number of followers. I made an FB developers account, added an app, generated client id and secret. Also added an instagram test user. But i am unable to connect it all. Is there any step by step guide to do this? I am receiving the following error:


FB developers:

Instagram plugin:

same problem here!! @nl.lorenz @klaas.vanhoeck1 just curious how you guys found the solution? Thanks a lot !!!

I have made a tutorial. I hope this is helpful


Hi Klaas, Thanks a lot for the tutorial. I am thinking about login (authorize) with instagram. I dont actually need all the information. Just curious if you have found a way to log users in with instagram? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Then you would need to use the Insta API, but I can’t help with that. I made my tutorial due to frustration of the bad Insta API.

yes, it is not very straight forward :frowning: there is no a lot documentation about this… Anyway thanks a lot for the help tho :slight_smile:

Are you trying to use Instagram to login to Bubble … or log in to Bubble and then link to Insta ?

use Instagram to login to my site. Like a fb/google login.

I tried to use both Instagram plugin from bubble and Instagram Basic plugin.

For the bubble instagram plugin, i got the “error_message”: “Invalid scope: []”,

For the Instagram Basic plugin i got the same thing if I dont use the test user. If I used test user, I can only get the Id (no the user’s email and username).

I’m trying to allow users to login to my site with instagram and then I could get username and profile’s image. What is your take on this?

Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

Trying to pull information of a user during the signup process. So during the signup process a user while filling the signup form will click on instagram and sign in. This is only for pulling information on his/her account. Not using it as a signup option.

OK. You could look at Pathfix | OAuth Integration Platform which seems to be getting some positive Bubble vibes.

Haven’t used it yet. I have a few approved FB dev apps, so will look at how those plugins work for me.


Will check that out. Thank you :smiley: :+1:t3:

Hey @heischen,

Same issue here. Have you found a solution?

Thanks a lot!