Instagram image not displayed properly

Hello, I am trying to display an image from Instagram , that is -

after .jpg there’s a timestamp, and image cannot be loaded without it, but bubble does not accept this kind of URL, maybe someone has a workaround for this? Appreciate it!

Here’s how it looks when adding the URL as image source -


Have you tried uploading the file into your app so it becomes and s3 URL? This should allow your app to save and access the image.

Thank you for your answer, but I want the images to be loaded dynamically ( loaded from instagram on the fly)

What is your setting in image and how do you fetch image?

Just default image settings, nothing changed -

Used the static URL here for testing, but I have a custom API (using API connector) that fetches these urls

You have an error of blocked request when you put it there and this is because it’s not the same origin (CORS)
The problem is not related with the content after ?
Not sure which solution is possible in this case.
You can also set API to set the field as text instead of image. In some case this will fill the issue of removing the stuff after ?

I could just use Regexp to trim the text after .jpg , but then Instagram wouldn’t return any image, that text after .jpg is some sort of a timestamp and it’s necessary unfortunately… Looking for some workaround

Like I told you, the issue is not the parameters. YOu cna keep it. But actually, when I test directly, this is Blocked by Instragram because the request is made from outside (CORS request, blocked by origin policy)

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