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Installing API - will pay for help

This is a recurring theme for me, I install an API and then think “now what?”. I’ve wasted weeks and weeks and have never got any API to do anything. Ever.

Why doesn’t Bubble have clear help for how to use APIs?

For example, I have just installed an API below for financial data, I am not told what to do next, for example, what on earth is an apikey (path)?

I am no longer attempting to learn this myself, does anyone have time to teach me for a fair fee?

An api key is like the key to your front door. But in this case it’s the key to access some electronic data.

If you no have key, you no get datas

ha, I read apikey (path) as “a pikey” so I didn’t see the word API!

I have an API key and I can get basic prices if I enter a single ticker symbol. But, do you know if it’s possible to enter a list of symbols and to see those stocks which have pulled back 10% in the last week?

If I understand correctly (based on the name of Data calls) API lets you get only the latest price by the moment of request, so if you want to show to your users change in the last 7 days you need.

  1. Make this request about every stock daily
    2)Store this info in Bubble db
    3)Built a chart based in it on the page

Maybe you should look at (doc) near API call description to find if there is some other way.

Thanks, I’ve been over the documentation but I only see how to show one ticker at a time, when I need to input a full list. In fact, my exact requirements are here Alpha Vantage API help