Integrate Google Reviews on Bubble app

Hey there! :slight_smile: Anyone who has been able to integrate Google Reviews (handled from Google My Business) within a Bubble project? It looks like Google doesn’t make it easy, but it’d be great to be able to do that in a similar way to Trustpilot.



Have you tried this:

The first part is deprecated but the second part might be helpful. It takes you to this tool.

I think you would just need to add the HTML element and put in the code that they give you.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks a lot for the tool, @J805 ! I’ve tried it out (filling out the form) and nothing really happens… I don’t receive an email or anything. Are you able to get something back from the form? Thanks! :smiley:

Bummer. I thought that tool would make it easier. Maybe it’s too old.

Well, maybe you can just do it yourself via the API Connector with this data. Shouldn’t be too difficult to just pull in the data from Google:

This should just display all the reviews:

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks a lot, I will give it a try! :smiley:

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No problem :blush:

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