Integrate Landbot with Bubble, code not working

I’m trying to solve this already for a couple of days but don’t manage to get it to work.I need to insert this code:

<script SameSite="None; Secure" src=""></script>
  var myLandbot = new LandbotFullpage({
    index: '',

To get this result:

But, nothing happens ->

Can anyone replicate the full screen to open in Bubble or tell me how to do it?

Once that works, the second problem I will need to solve is adding parameters in the URL so that the bot can pull data from the API. For example after index.html I need ‘?name={firstname}&email={email}’

After a week of experimenting, I fear it’s not possible but I hope some experts here can prove me wrong. :nerd_face:

I am able to use Landbot full page code on a new Bubble page.

I just cannot embed on an existing page.

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