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Add info to database from external form

Im using instapage for deploy my landing pages. I want to create an admin dashboard in bubble where i get and handle the leads info from the landing in instapge. is it possible to do that?

Honestly this description is a bit short to know what it is and whether it’s doable or not.

I think what @julian is trying to do is send his lead capture form into bubble.

I was also thinking the same, but wanted to create a ‘thing’ in bubble, than create a iframe widget of that form group and enter it on our external website? is that possible?

That way, I can continue using WP, Drupal etc for customer facing content and use Bubble for manging leads, operations, support etc.

Yes, you can iFrame bubble pages.

As Instapage doesn’t yet have a Zapier plugin, you would have to work out other routes into Bubble.

@alauddin Yeah you are right,

Simple solution @NigelG :

  1. I use for creating the landing pages.
  2. I created a simple api workflow endpoint in bubble app with “Create a new thing” workflow
  3. I POST to the enpoint from my landign page with a simple javascript JSON post method with info lead
  4. Done. Your lead info from external form is now in bubble app.

ps: Thanks for your time. Thanks bubble team. Awesome service. Greatings From Colombia


Good to know that Instapage can do API calls.