Integrating admobs and adwords in to mobile app

I’ve created a simple grocery list app with bubble -

It’s currently available for free on the iOS app store. I am now looking for help or a link to helpful information that explains how to integrate ads into the app.

Thanks in advance!

Have you found any ways to integrate the ads yet? I am currently looking to do that. I first need to publish the app into the app stores and then get the ads into it. Any information would be useful! Thanks

I ended up not implementing any ads and using this as a learning project :slight_smile:

In terms of resources, check out @natedogg’s for help learning how to upload your app to the app stores.

Good luck!

Were you able to integrate ads? We are looking to add advertising but haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

Same here. I was trying with Google Ad Sense but I read somewhere that Adsense was for websites and Admob is for Apps. Need help here.