Admob or Google Auto Ads

I am trying to create an app here on Bubble. Here is where I am at:

As I am trying to monetize with Google Ad using tutorials I opened up a how to and I got an article that states that “Admob is for Apps and Google Adsense is for Websites”.

In the plugins, there is only a Google Auto Ads plug in but not an Admob.

Can someone please direct me which one to use in my app? I have inserted the HTML for the Google Auto Ads into every page I have created and the whole box is blank. I started reading up and this is when I saw the article stating Admobs are for Apps and Adsense is for Websites. I looked up tutorials on this and there are no solid forum posts with clear answers that i have found. I want to get this app out by July 31st and definitely want to get the ads in with the roll out. HELP.

Hi @coachpete1492, did you manage to set this up? I’d love to understand how the Google Auto Ads plugin works, but I’m still waiting for AdSense to accept my account (which, by the way, can take ages…). Thanks and good luck!

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