Integration with Sendgrid

If integrating with Sendgrid is built in into Bubble and therefore is an email platform of choice, then an integration guide explaining at least how to configure transactional emails for singing up, confirming emails and password resets should be made available to users.
I was also surprized that we have to download a third party plugin to make it work properly. The most popular Sendgrid plugin no longer provides supporting documentation!
Right now, a new user is having to learn to use Bubble and is also confronted with the additional challenge of learning how to make Sendgrid work.
Information is all over the place in forum posts -some dating back to 2016, Youtube channels …
We need a guide for best practices that eases the learning journey especially for new users.

Hey @fouad,

The Bubble integration itself has Sendgrid documentation: Custom Domains and SSL - Bubble Manual

However, for CoPilot’s plugin or any external plugin, Bubble is most likely not going to make documentation as it isn’t mandatory for users to use it, but just an option.