(SOLVED)Co Bubble- Send Grid plugin

Hi All

Is there any videos tutorials out there for Co Bubbles Sendgrid plugin? Iv read the documentation on the plugin, but I do not understand it and just can’t work it out?

I was hoping if I could find a Video tutorial it would help join the dots.


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Your best bet would be to contact @copilot directly, I think. There may even be tutorials at cobubble.com

Hey @timgarrett111,

The Send emails with SendGrid plugin is an implementation of SendGrid’s robust API. If you need more one-on-one assistance, give us a shout through our website chathead or via email at [email protected]. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Guys

I cant afford the hourly rate at the moment, that is why I have asked on the forum.

Ill keep trying the best I can, if I get really stuck ill give you a shout Co Bubble.


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No worries, but that shouldn’t stop you from being able to send emails! Let us know which portion of the documentation doesn’t quite make sense to you and we’d be happy to break it down. :wink:

Hi @timgarrett111 - what exactly would you like to accomplish using SendGrid (trigger a transactional email, etc.)?

You can get SendGrid setup quite easily using the API Connector. If you share a bit more about what you’d like to use SendGrid for, I’m sure some of us can help you in this thread for free. Happy to provide a sample of an API call to SengGrid if that is what you are having issues with.

Thank you very much for offering up a little bit of assistance it’s very simple what I’m trying to do.

I have my API key synced up nicely with the bubble account. So sending emails under my domain Is working perfectly.
All that I am looking to achieve is sending a transactional email from sendgrid using a template.

I’ve two templates setup on my sendgrid account.

I have installed the Co Bubble plugin which looks perfect, but I just can’t seem to get it to work? I have attached a screenshot to see if anything is obvious that I am doing wrong

This is the Error message I get as well.

1484327506287x474510747987607550 error: this header value for Authorization is not correct ‘Bearer SG.PSIUrI6hTS-95zJd2YELthisis a dummy KEY FBCDxg3TzXgfhsoec’

Remove the ’ from the header bud.

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OMG Was that it!! working now!!

For a newbie like me this was confusing. filling the format as ‘Bearer api_key’ for the Authorization key

Nice one me old mate!!

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