Intellectual property

The terms of service only say that we retain ownership of “Direct user content”, but never defines specifically who a “direct user” is. The terms also only refer to intellectual property in regards to externally submitted IP that is owned elsewhere. Does bubble have any claim to the intellectual property (as defined by law, in this case, the app I develop on the platform) I create utilizing the bubble platform? If not, why is that not spelled out more clearly in the terms?

Without looking at their policy, my guess is that Bubble claims IP ownership of their own product/code and our products are built on top of theirs. So, we have rights to our product/code but ours is also fully dependent on theirs so it’s not viable for us to transfer our product/code to another service outside of Bubble because it requires Bubble’s code to run and we don’t own Bubble’s code.

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The scenario I’m considering is building an MVP on bubble and then rebuilding in a standard stack if the concept proves out. What concerns me is the terms don’t have very clear explanation of what “User content” is. In one place user content is defined as user contributed but implies users of my app, not users of bubble.

It would be nice to hear from a bubble employee to clarify this.

@jason.hilton You own your design, your workflows and the data of your app, while Bubble owns the software that renders the application. So Bubble has no right on your application content, data and design. Whether you want to protect your Intellectual Property is up to you, and independent from the platform you’re using. Our FAQ and Terms of services cover this in detail.


Thank you for the clarification Neerja!