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Starting with Bubble: property and rights? Price?


I am very interested to start my App prototype with Bubble.
Nevertheless, I have read the legal terms, and it is not clear to me:

  • if the App that I will create will Bubble property or mine
  • how can I propose my app to users on mobiles devices
  • what will be the price if I continue to build and exploit my app on Bubble…

Many thanks for your support,

  • Our terms are very clear (see our FAQ): you own the app, the design, the workflow and the data, we own the code that runs it.
  • Bubble apps works great on mobile web (and they’re responsive). We do iOS in early beta, and don’t support Android. It’s on the roadmap, but no clear timeline there yet.
  • Our pricing page I think is clear enough. Depends on the features and the number of workflow runs.