Interactive lessons lagging - known problem?

Hi all, I have asked my students to go through the 12 interactive lessons and have been getting reports from multiple students of bubble lagging to the point where progress becomes difficult. I understand that there are many possible user-side causes but the descriptions seem to eliminate some of those. Students reporting are strong technically. Anyone aware of such issues? Could it be driven by the fact that 30 or 40 students are all working away at the same tutorials (deadline approaches)? Thanks for any advice!

George Wyner

It’s hard to tell you anything without knowing how’s your app structured :slight_smile:

Hi… I should have clarified… the students are not yet building their own apps. they are doing the lessons here: Lessons | Bubble

These are great… interactive with pop up guidance and arrows pointing where to click. so it is in this tutorial environment where students are seeing the lag. I just tried it and see a slight lag (maybe a second or so) and if I wait patiently I progress through. I will see if I can watch students interact with this and see if they are experiencing longer lags. I don’t remember this lag in past semesters and it seems to have thrown off students. in past years students have just done the tutorials with no problem reports of this kind.

and thanks for the quick response to this vague open-ended query, by the way! :pray:

Ah, I see, I supposed you’ve created your own app with some Bubble lessons :slight_smile:

I don’t know how Bubble interactive lessons are implemented, but it really shouldn’t be a big deal to cope with 30-40 users. Are your students face performance problems in a specific lesson or in all of them?

So far I am told the problem is general but I am headed to class now and will collect more info. Thank you!

Here is a follow up based on student conversations. Students report that in some cases the tutorial appears to freeze completely. In other cases the student is prompted to take the same action multiple times in what feels like an endless loop. The problem appears to be intermittent, since some students were able to complete all twelve tutorials with no issues.

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