Intermediate Bubbler willing to mentor beginner(s)

I’d love to help people get started with Bubble. I don’t have lots of time to offer, but I have some. I am only available for a few weeks or months. If you want to see an example of something I’ve built, check out (A web app for saving and sharing links - like a portable bookmarks).

I’ e been using Bubble fairly heavily for 6 months to a year so I know the basics and some advanced things. So far I’ve been able to build everything I’ve wanted to build in some way or another.

Happy to answer questions or walk through things.

Limited time offer.

This is all for free by the way.
Just for fun.



Hi Nathan.

I am applying for a job in no code agency. As a par of the application I got a ‘‘homework’’.
Its my first project and obviously I am struggling.
Can I kindly ask you for some help? I would love to be part of that company.

Thank you upfront for your response.
Take care


I’d be happy to help. Do you have time Thursday or Friday? What time zone are you?
If you email I may respond quicker

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Thank you. I did sent you an e-mail.

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Hi @Puls thank you for this generous offer. I’m starting with Bubble, do you have suggestions on what type of apps to build first?

I’d say if you’re adventurous, go straight for any app you want to make most unless it’s super complicated. There is lots of info on the forum on how to move forward when stuck. If you want a really simple app, try making a to do list to get started.

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Hi, try creating app based on youtube tutorial. So you create it while watch. Or even better. Watch a par of a video. Stop it and try to replicate it.

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I would love any help! I have been stuck on thing things on my bubble app. I have had to work around them for almost a year now. I don’t think they’re very complex but I seem to do a bad job of explaining my issues without showing my app.

thanks! :trophy:

I will, thanks! :medal_sports:

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Hi Nate, just wanted to let you know that I spoke to the supervisor of the assignment. And he told me that there is a mistake in assignment. Like I was said to use MULTISELECT PLUGIN that is not true. I am supposed to use MULTILINE INPUT.

I hope you don’t mind if I tag you in another topics where i describe it

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Well then tell us or show us :smiley: