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Hi There! I am rather new at Bubble.
I am trying to link my Sign Up page to the page where the user can put in his/her personal information. But the system asks me to send data to that page. But I don’t know what data to send

In the sign up page I show the user two options. Are you ‘this user’ or are you ‘this user’. So when clicking on one of the options, I have to send data to the signup page to make the link to that page where the user can insert his information.

Dont know what to do. Any thoughts?

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Hi @ebento welcome to Bubble! For the page you are linking to, you have probably selected a “Type of content”. This means the page receive a certain data record when you load it, so it knows what to display. A common example of this is a user’s profile page, where you’d send a particular user’s record to the page so it knows which user’s info to show. In your case, I wouldn’t recommend sending a data type to the page. Instead, you could just send a “parameter” in the URL that contains the selection the user made. This way, the new page can read the selection and show the appropriate inputs.

As an aside, I typically wouldn’t link to a separate page for something like a signup. You could instead include that info on the same page, but hidden to start, and show it when you click on an option.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Andrew! Very Helpful

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