Sending 2 different types to a page

I have a “Search” page where people search for a listing, when they click on a listing they get to a “listing detail page”, which passes thru the thing of that specific listing.

But in the “Search” page i have people entering check-in dates and check-out dates, and i want to pass thru those data too, is that possible?

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Yes, what you’re trying to do is pass information through the page URL. (Alternatively, you could create a database object that gets referenced). For example, look at the URL change as you book something on Airbnb.

At a default level, Bubble lets you send a single parameter to the page and it’s fairly easy to reference (i.e. "Current page’s [data type]). But you can add additional data points by passing them through the URL by creating a “Key” and specifying what information that should be. Then, on the new page, you can reference these by using the “Get Data from Page URL” function and matching it up with that Key.

Take a look at the reference info below…

great will check it out