Internal page URL in 'Insert dynamic data'?

No, you’ll need to just type the page URL as free text. You won’t see a dropdown functionality for specific pages like you do when using a link element.

Okay cool so the main issue you’ll have is that while you can generate a magic link which automatically logs them in, it’s only valid for an hour so if they don’t click on it within an hour of you sending them the SMS, they’ll still need to login.

You can find out more about magic links here; [New Feature] Magic login link workflow action and will likely need to just create the link and not send the email so you can send your own custom SMS.

If this is fine for you, then you’ll be able to choose the page from the magic link workflow action. Then you’ll add your SMS action right after, include the magic link and append it with something like &popup=true to trigger the popup on that page.

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