Sending user to a specific page depending on an input

Hi everyone,

I have no background in coding whatsoever so my question might be a bit unclear, but I’ll do my best:

I have to create an app where the homepage is just an input field an a button. Every other page of the app would have a code associated with it, and when this code is entered in the input field the button would send the user to the associated page.
This seems fairly simple on paper but I don’t get how I can do it with Bubble’s tools (or if it is even possible, since the “go to page” in the workflow seems to only be able to send the user to a defined page).

I’m not asking for a complete how-to (the editor is very well-made and I think I’ll be able to wiggle my way through) but getting the logic of it would be really nice, as I’m pretty sure there’s some basic thing I’m not getting here.

Various ways…could use the ‘go to page action’ and have conditionals for the different pages, if it is not too many.

Another way is to use a link element…in your app create an option set that is the page name and another attribute that is the code…the page name should be lowercase with no special characters and no spaces (if need space use a ‘-’) to replicate what a page name looks like in the URL.

Then you can structure your link element to go to ‘external page’ so you can create a dynamic link based on the input values. You can use the dynamic expression ‘website home url’ to start the dynamic link, then after that you can use a dynamic expression to pull in the values from the input and match them to the correct page using the option set.