Intersect list with nested RG list

Hi all,

I have an app that displays suitable Users (Job Candidates) based on how well matched they are to a Job Post.

Users have a list of tags (qualifications) and a Job Post also has a list of tags (required qualifications)

My setup is an outer RG for the job posts which is just used as a section header (Job Position)

The inner RG are cards showing all the users that are qualified for the Job Post.

I’d like to show a progress bar on the User card that shows what percent match they are to the Job Post.

To do this I need something like:
Search for Job-Posts Required Certification intersect with current cells Users Certifications:count / Search for Job-Posts Required Certification: count * 100

However I can’t find a way to target the Job-Post that the User is associated with with constraints. I have tried to use the unique id of the Job-Post but I can’t get hold of the index for it from the Users RG.

I’ve considered custom states to hold the lists but I dont have any actions / clickable filters to set them.

Screenshot 2021-07-03 at 23.28.37

Screenshot 2021-07-03 at 23.28.17

I’m not entirely clear on the setup you’ve tried. But, starting from the beginning, if you are trying to show a list of Job Candidates that have qualifications tags that are in a specific Job Post, you can do that through a repeating group that populates based on a search that uses the :filter and then advanced filter, and the intersect with function.

The formula is essentially List A intersect with List B: count > x. “x” is the number of intersects you require for the job to be listed as a match with the post. If this sounds like what you’re trying to do, search the forum for intersects with and you’ll see a bunch of posts.

Thanks @ed727,

I already had that functionality working. Getting stuck really takes you on a huge educational ride through the Forums! I finally found somebody who had the same issue.

I made a group in the parent RG, gave it a datatype number and datasource current cells index.

I could then reference that element from within the child RG. Amazing. Thanks @chad :slight_smile:

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