"Intersect with" in a Nested Repeating Group formatted as text

I could’nt find any solution for this.

I have a Nested Repeating Group (One RG inside another) and they are formatted as text cause I need to print them as plain text. The issue is that the 2nd RG is a list of names which I need to show only which intersect with current cell of parent RG. The problem is how can I mention that parent current cell of the parent RG when formatting as text? It worked in the common way where I created an hidden input inside the parent RG and called it in my prompt, but in the the formatted as text way, I cannot create an input to call it, neither call the above current cell of RG.

The screenshots:

Here is where I call the first RG (parent RG) formatted as text and inside of it I call the data type: “opcoes” formatted as text.

Then, inside this data type “opcoes” I call the it formatted as text again. It goes as This Itens dos Carrinhos’s opcoes

And here is the problem, where I call de second list formatted as text (Nested RG), and need to compare his list of text with the current cell of the first Itens do Carrinho. There’s no option for me to call “This Itens do Pedido” or "Current cell Itens do Pedido of the first RG, nor mention and input value here cause it is all a sentence of texts.

Here is how it worked in the common way, when not formatted as text. I created an hidden input called ItemRef to hold the value of the current Itens do Pedido that afterwards will intersect with the child RG:

Is there a way to do this?

I’ve finally found a possible solution for this using join with on the same screen instead of using format as text again! This way I can make reference to This Itens do Pedido!

The problem now is my intersect with is not the right position, see below:

How can I split it right by each one? It is actually showing all the results of the “intersect with”.
See the configuration:

Inside the Arbitrary text:

The way I need my result to be:
Tipo de Carne

Ponto da Carne
Ao ponto

Is there a way?