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"Intersect with" but on a list


Is there any way to operate an “intersect with” on a dynamic list?

Example: instead of using UserA’Thing intersect with UserB’Thing I would like somewhat a List of User’Thing:element that intersect because the list of users will be dynamic so I can plan it with a simple expression.


Intersect with is for comparing lists. If you’re struggling, maybe check the two lists you’re comparing are of the same data type?

Sorry, what I try to achieve it to have these lists to be dynamic (that the expression works with 2 lists as well as for 30)

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Yeah. This is what I’m currently trying to do.

Did you find a solution? I imagine a scheduled API workflow could be made to do it, but it’d be nice if something simpler just handled it! =) I wonder if any plugins have been made that do this…