🚀 No-Code Founders - Join other founders and share your Product

Hi all :wave:

I have been struggling for a while to connect with other founders building without code and decided to setup a Slack group to see if there is anyone else out there in the same position.

So I’ve just set up a Slack group called No-Code Founders with the hope of it being a place where like-minded business owners and makers who are building products without code can come together to share tips, questions, best practices and support each other’s launches and growth. While there is a channel for technical questions, a lot of the chat will be about “everything else” related to building products without code. e.g. launching, marketing, scaling etc. To start with, I’ve just added a few channels for discussion. These are:

  • Introductions - for saying hello
  • General - for talking about anything no-code related
  • Lets-Work - for sharing work progress, to-dos and questions
  • Showcase - for showing off and helping others get their product out there

New channels can be added as we go. Are there any more that could be useful initially? If so, just let me know below.

I’ve built this on Slack to keep things simple as I know a lot of us already use it.

If you want to connect with some like-minded no-coders, I’d love for you to join me on there.

You can add yourself to the chat here :raised_hands:




The activity in this thread doesn’t reflect at all the activity in the slack channel :slight_smile:

People are joining and Josh is doing a great job to keep conversation flowing.

Other attempts of slack communities didn’t stick because they were focused exclusively on Bubble and development difficulties one could find and this forum was the actual place for those topics.

Being this new attempt focused on no-code and founders I see good potential.

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Thanks so much for this Jon :pray:

Really appreciate the support.

UPDATE There is now a simple site in place for No Code Founders and I’m looking for Bubble users who have built products or businesses using Bubble who would be interested in being interviewed (blog post style). If anyone out there is interested, just drop me a private message :slight_smile:


Joining today!

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Nice! :ok_hand: Let me know if you’d like to do an interview for one of your projects :+1:

I haven’t built an MVP yet for myself just for my clients.

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Hwy Josh! I’d love to join and contribute on the channel. Though when I click on the like you’ve provided, I don’t see any Slack invitation link. Could you please help me with an invite?

Hey! Sure thing. Memberships are now all taken via the website so you need to sign up via www.nocodefounders.com