#nocodevember: Competition and Prizes for Bubble Apps

Hey all!

Ben over at Makerpad has issued a no-code build challenge for November, and I think this is a great opportunity for our community to showcase what we can do!

There are some guidelines for participation on the site, but I am going make things a bit more interesting. For those of you participating from the Bubble community the new rules are this.


  1. Make something without code, using Bubble
  2. Post it on twitter
  3. Hashtag it with #nocodevember and include @Bubble_Group and @ErikIsrani (so I can share it!)
  4. Repeat

Now here is where it get’s interesting. At the end of the month, I will collect all the submissions and have the whole Bubble HQ vote on the most innovative, well designed, interesting build, with the winner getting some exciting and exclusive prizes.

So, for those of you looking to build something new, this is your chance to show your talent and get rewarded for your efforts.

I look forward to seeing all your submissions!
Erik - Startup Evangelist @ Bubble


Sounds great. You may count myself in. I’ll be building a Freelance Tool.

Curious as I am, what are the prizes?:smiley:


I’ll confirm prizes next week!

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Let’s get some $$$ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are we giving out prizes or seed $$$ ?

Regardless, we’ll be sure to take your hint under advisement. :wink:

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Great initiative, @erik.bubble!

I have just released the 8th episode on a video series in which I’m actually showing how I’m building a Real Boat Rental Web Application, which I’m going to publish live, here in Brazil.

In this episode I’m showing how the users will confirm their reservations, and how to send emails with receipts.

Next week I’ll publish the 9th and last video, and then the app is going live on aqqua.com.br.

All for #nocodevember!



With clients around the world, I always use a timezone app for meetings. #nocodevember was a great excuse to build a quick improvement this afternoon (on Bubble, of course) to replace the one I normally use.

Unlimited zones & super practical! #notresponsiveyet :laughing:

Check it out: https://timezonelist.bubbleapps.io/



This is very well done! I need to find my way to :brazil:

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Was dealing with this exact issue for three different phone calls today!

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Ok, let’s do it!

I decided to participate in #nocodevember.

Today I had the idea for Typewriter.pro a clutter-free writing app, and after 10 hours of building and testing, the MVP is ready.

One year ago, I discovered Bubble via the Integromat Facebook group. And since this discovery, I had the privilege to work on a couple of client projects, but all of them were internal applications that I could not share with you. So I pleased a had this little idea today which enables me to enter this competition.


Feel free to check it out. I love to receive your feedback.


Any news?

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Nice one. I saw one on Indiehacker who spent about 3 months building the same thing. Can you set focus on the input element after logging in or on page load? :smile:


I love this entire thread.

@mike_verbruggen my feedback is to make the call to action more clear. A button with “start writing…”

edit: tagged the right Mike! :wink:


Three months?! Creazy!

Thanks for mentioning the focus. I had already made that but accidentally demolished it.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’m going to consider it. I want to keep the application as minimalistic as possible. I will first see what happens when I make a small introduction for new users. Once you know, you can click anywhere on the page to start writing, a button a bit of overkill.

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I’m using it now as I need to write some notes for a project I’m working on now :grin:


Thanks, That’s a great compliment!

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could you explain a bit more about what the purpose of the app is? All I seem to get from it is that I can type on it. Am I missing the point of it, or is it just that, you can type on it?

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There is nothing to explain. It’s just that. It’s you and your thoughts and nothing else. :wink:

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I added an introduction video. So I hope the button isn’t necessary.

You can watch the video, when you login and never watched it before.

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