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Introducing: Build Contests

I have learned a lot from your videos. It made my journey easier in Bubble.

Thank you very much for your continuous support with YouTube videos.

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Would be nice if you have a submission email.
posting a project today or anytime before deadline might give all others an advantage.

Cool idea, where can we submit the application?

FYI, @qroger… you can submit your app right here in this thread.

Are you adding “to do” list features to, @mikeloc? Because that would be cool.

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I think a paid personal plan for the winner isn’t too much.

Started building a to do app and then realized I’d need the personal plan and stopped. Oh well!


This is fun! Thanks, Sam, for setting it up.

I built NoCode Copilot. It’s an ChatGPT-powered to-do list that generates Bubble to-dos for you based on your project description.

When I started using Bubble four years ago, I was totally lost. It has the most complicated no-code interface I’ve ever used, and I had no clue where to start. I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t get any of the features to work. I’d spend hours trying to debug stuff, only to find out that I forgot to set up a workflow or something.

So I made this to-do list for people who are new to Bubble. It makes a list of tasks for you based on your app idea, and it’s super easy to follow. It’s like having a Bubble mentor who tells you exactly what you need to do next.

Let me know if you need any help using it or if you have any ideas to make it better!


Amazing work! I typed in a very basic description of a “re-design homepage” project and couldn’t believe the tasks that AI was able to come up with for me here! What an incredible implementation, great work!


Great point to raise! Its perfectly fine to email submissions to [email protected] if you are concerned about giving others an advantage. I will count any submissions received to my email as part of the contest!

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Hey everyone!

We’re coming up on the end of the month and I just wanted to remind anyone who’s working on projects to submit them by the end of the week!

We’ve received a few submissions already - you can submit by posting in this thread or emailing [email protected].

We’ll pick a winner and announce the next contest early next week!

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Damn! Only just saw this now. Good luck to everyone who submitted :slight_smile:

Well now is your chance to show off how rapidly you can prototype something! Bubble is a procrastinator’s best friend! :laughing:

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Ha! Good point. Unfortunately I’m in exams right now so no can do :laughing:

I’m excited for the next contest, @sam.morgan and hope the subject of it is something really interesting to me because I’m like 99% I’m gonna do the next one.


As a UX designer, I can say the same about the development side :wink: As @sam.morgan put it (very well) Bubble is for all, and in my opinion the new ‘developer’ is a product builder with good knowledge of UI/UX and product management, as well as programming in whichever environment is the flavour of the day. We can’t be experts in all three areas, but we should try to reach a very good level when using no-code platforms.

@keith What ideas would be interesting to you? Happy to take suggestions - we’re still going back and forth between a few different ideas.

Hey @sam.morgan, well, random thoughts: You know I love data processing stuff. Please no “Contact Management” apps. :slight_smile: It might be interesting to have a theme that’s more open-ended than prescriptive. It’s actually pretty challenging coming up with ideas/themes for these contests and I don’t envy your task of designing/choosing them!