Introducing: Foundation Template

The Foundation Template is a Bubble template and framework designed to help no-code developers build better, faster and with design consistency.

It is suitable for both beginners and advanced developers who want to save time on their projects while using state-of-the-art design and structure.

This versatile template can be used to build virtually any type of project, from SaaS to web apps, mobile apps and social networks.

The Foundation Template includes a range of features and functionalities, including an admin page where you can set up and customize your app in different perspectives, such as app settings, menus, and branding & design.

The template also includes pre-built log in, sign up, and waitlist pages, making it easy to capture leads and manage user accounts.

You can also customize the menu’s links and layouts, including menu links according to user’s roles, menu layout, side bar links, and side bar layouts (No Side Bar, Simple Side Bar, and Double Side Bar).

To get started with the Automatic Foundation Template, you first need to sign up for a Bubble account. Once you’ve created your account, you can access and install the template by visiting the Automatic Foundation Template page and clicking on “Install”. With the template installed, you can start building your app using Bubble’s visual programming interface. Overall, the Automatic Foundation Template is a powerful and flexible tool that can help you build high-quality apps quickly and easily.

The Foundation Template was created by Automatic, a Product Studio based in Nashville, TN that specializes in building no-code solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Automatic offers a wide range of software development services, including web development, mobile app development, and Template development.

Demo the template here.

A setup guide and more information about this template can be found in our Docs here:

Collaborate with us and get updates in the Automatic Community.

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We have a ton of improvements to make to it, but I must say I’m pretty proud of the Automatic team for putting this together in record time.

This is my first template, so I would greatly appreciate any feedback, criticism or tips from fellow Bubblers.


Recent improvements:


1. New Pre-built Elements

  • We added multiple new pre-built elements that can be copied and used anywhere in your app.
  • Click here to preview the elements.

2. Waitlist / Sign Up Toggle

  • App admins can toggle a Waitlist for the app directly from the admin portal.
  • This disables the ability for new users to create new accounts and replaces it with the option to Join the Waitlist. All waitlist registrants can be seen from the admin portal.
  • This makes it easy for you to begin gauging interest in your app without having to manage a separate marketing website. All you need to do is design your landing page, turn on the waitlist and publish it. Then you can keep working on your app while hyping it up to your excited users.

3. Element Design Styles & Cleanup

  • All Elements now use styles, so making changes to colors and fonts will automatically apply across your app.

4. Improved Responsiveness

  • We improved the responsiveness of the pages and elements so it looks great on all devices.
  • There may be a few areas that need improvement, so if you see them let me know! (Specifically in the admin portal)

We’ve added ChatGPT integration to the Foundation template.

It’s easy to train your chat bot with specific information about your business or app so it can provide your users with relevant answers - all from the admin portal.

All you need is an OpenAI API Key.

We recently added Google SSO to the Foundation Template. Just add your API Keys to the plugin so your users can sign up for your app faster.

Email templates and SendGrid integration added to the Foundation template today. It’s improving fast, thanks to an awesome team :raised_hands:

What feature should we add next?

How can I launch a new page after creating one? I still see “We’re still working on this section. Imagine all of the possibilities.”

Great template. I’m probably a beginner - intermediate bubbler so stepping up my game trying to configure this beast.

Hey @jasonflores5 sorry for the delay. I’m just seeing this.

To create a new page, I recommend duplicating either the index or dashboard page because they have the most up to date workflows, variables, reusable elements and conditional logic.

Then open the admin page > pages section and you’ll see a list of the Pages data type. You’ll need to create a new page data item to manage it’s settings. The /slug needs to match the page name in Bubble. Note: until about a month ago, pages automatically created these on page load in the header if no matching pages were found, but that added up to unnecessary WFUs.

Once created, you can control the display name (browser tab), page permissions, toggle the sidebar on/off and manage the sidebar navigation of the page - all without leaving the app. These page settings will automatically sync to your page on the next refresh.

In the new page’s Bubble editor, you’ll see the g:content group that looks something like this:

Don’t delete this group, but it’s child elements can be deleted. They are just template elements that demo how to manage conditional visibility of each group, based on the selected Sidebar Navigation item. I’d check those out to see how they work, then replace them with your own reusable elements.

There are also a bunch of flexible reusable elements that you can duplicate and customize.

Hope this helps!

David Flynn

If anyone is interested - I’ launched a Foundation AI version of the template that will have full integration with OpenAI’s assistants and other new features. Check it out:

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Hey David

Great to hear about the Foundation AI template.

I already got your Foundation template and i love it! but there is no AI section in there. How could I get it?

Thank you in advance!

Hi. I’m very new to bubble and no coding.

I’m watching videos by Automatic to modify the Foundation AI template, but the video does not quite line up with what I see. For example, in this video on the left, you see a sidebar that includes chat. In mine, all I see in the admin portal is "header pages, users, payments, and stuff life that. When I put his exact url in, for my template, I just get a blank page. Any tips? Thanks.

Hi there,
I´m using the Foundation AI Template; Foundation AI Template | Bubble

I did the setup according to the documentation and changed the API key. Unable to “initialize” due to that there are more to adjust, but there is no documentation on how that should be done.
If someone has managed to go through the process and make the template work. (just the basic features as in the demo)
I would be glad to know what was the trick.

In these fields in the API Connector are errors:

  • Delete Assistant
  • Modify Assistant
  • Add Files to Assistant
  • Create Message
  • Create Run
  • Retrieve Run
  • Upload File
  • List Messages in Thread (action)
  • Delete File
  • Retrieve File
  • Transcribe Voice Recording
  • Submit tool outputs to run
  • Get Message Files

I am experiencing the same issue. Have wasted a day trying to figure out the issue. The Template is nothing like the demo and the ChatGPT menu icon is completely missing. Let alone the errors with connecting to OpenAi that errors. There is no document and the youtube video’s do not match the template. I am very worried at the bad reviews of having to pay for support. Did anyone get a response from these threads?

Found the issue with this template after wasting 12 hours. The FREE version Foundation Template has the CHATGPT pages however the PAID version of Foundation AI does not have the CHATGPT functionality. Can this be fixed urgently please???: