[Template] foundation kick start your next project

I built Foundation as a starting ground for all my projects with core components baked in.

Who wants to rebuild navigation again?

There is no need to touch any navigation elements in the bubble editor as it’s all controlled in the data tab under option sets, so it’s super fast to add or remove pages.

Foundation is built as a single-page application and 100% responsive (SPA), giving you super quick page loads. Because of this, I added dynamic routing so your URL will display readable pages, for example. | foundation (it also handles refresh)

Just add your screens, and you’re off.



Preview: https://main-style-guild.bubbleapps.io/

Find the template here

If you are all ready one of the lucky ones who own this template,
Thank you, and I encourage you to leave feedback so we can design and build a sound foundation for future applications.

Component library coming soon.