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🤖 Introducing GPTwriter: Generate hundreds of AI-written articles with a few clicks

Hey guys!

I’m excited to share my new Bubble app called with all of you here on the forum! :tada:

GPTwriter is a handy tool that lets content creators generate hundreds of AI-written articles with a few clicks. Powered by Open AI’s GPT 3.5, GPTwriter can write as many articles as you want from a list of keywords or titles. :robot::writing_hand:

All new users get 10 articles free of charge, so feel free to give it a go. Why not generate some content for your app or blog?

What do you think about the app? Feedback, both positive and negative, is very much welcome! And if you’re looking to build a cool app with Open AI’s API, I’m happy to answer your questions about my experience and learnings so far. :smiley:

PS. The app is still in Beta, so do expect some bugs and hiccups. :wink:

The landing page

Generate articles from a list of keywords or titles

All articles come with an image and can be exported as a CSV


Thanks – appreciate it! :pray:

Awesome! What model are you using to create your images?

Thanks! I’m using Stability AI’s API and an engine called “stable-diffusion-xl-beta-v2-2-2”. I used an older engine before, but I get significantly better results with this one. Most notably, it’s less prone to include jibberish text in every other image… Still happens though, but not nearly as frequently :wink:

API stripe has error

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Thanks for making me aware of that! The 50% coupon code had expired, but it’s fixed now :smiley:

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