Would Anyone Be Interested in Automatically Generating SEO-Optimized Articles for Your Bubble Apps?

Hi all! Long time Bubble user here, and wanted to gauge some interest from the community.

Would anyone be interested in automatically generating SEO-optimized articles for their Bubble apps?

Yep, another AI app, but I think it could be helpful to tie right into Bubble for ease of use.

I’m envisioning you would provide like 100 keywords, and my tool would generate a long-form SEO optimized article for each keyword, and auto-publish them to your app. It would all be programatic, so it should finish in a matter of minutes, even for lots of articles. I know for some of my projects, it’d be some quick content marketing to get some visibility on Google.

Creating the blog would be the easy part, as I launched a blogging tool recently (BlogPronto) that’s a CMS and has video tutorials and templates for building a blog on Bubble - would just need to get the AI part hooked in.

Let me know what you think in the comments and sign up using this form if you want future updates!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is already countless plugins that do this. Just feed it the command.

@GhostCodes Plugins for typical ChatGPT prompt inputs, right? I haven’t seen anything where you could mass-create blog posts.

Hi Callen, thanks for sharing!

I know you’re not the first to talk about AI-generated articles, and certainly not the first to create a tool to more easily generate them (outside of bubble), but i’ve been curious about the longevity of this / what the web and/or google will look like in 2 years if most of the content is AI-generated…perhaps a discussion for another forum but it does intrigue me to think / wonder what that will mean and how Google’s SEO approach might change because of it!

@msgiblin Totally agree! Definitely interested in how the snowball effect of AI content (over time, using AI generated content as a source for more AI content) will be handled.

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This is pretty off-topic but I would pay blood money just for a plugin that was smart enough to generate images from URLs.

Last time I checked, this type of feature was largely unavailable to low tech literate users like me, and the sole plugin that used to do it has since went defunct.

@drixxon Do you mean where the image already exists on the internet somewhere, and you copy/paste the URL of that image to bring it into Bubble?

If so, you right click the image >> “Copy Image Address” >> Paste into dynamic image field in Bubble

Moreso being able to scan // crawl an article for images and then returning an image based off of the articles content.

Your method is better than nothing though, and it’s much better than having to download the image to your device which is the only work around I knew of.

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Just prompts on a list, ideally. I mean I don’t want to say it would not be an ideal plugin, so I should take that back honestly. But wanted to clarify that there are other AI scenarios that can repeat specific prompts on lists or even feeding a master prompt before-hand can generally propose the same results.

@GhostCodes Ahh, got it, that’s helpful! Appreciate your input :+1:

Not sure if I’ve misunderstood but would https://www.bannerbear.com/ do this?