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✍ New Plugin - Automatic Content Creation / Text Generation (GPT-3 alternative)

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new plugin: Text Generator / Content Creator!

Supercharge your users’ content production! This plugin acts like an AI-powered digital creative assistant for content creation. You provide some prompt text, and the plugin will automatically generate some follow-on content for you. Here is a sample:

Some example use cases include:

  1. Generating Marketing copy
  2. Creating Narrative Content
  3. Exploring Product Ideas
  4. Producing Social Content

And much more!

No additional licenses are required to use this plugin, and setup is dead simple: just call the “Generate Text” action with some prompt text (e.g., "Our most recent product launch showed us that "), and receive a uniquely generated response in return.

Try it out! You can see the demo page, editor view, and plugin pages at the links below.

Happy writing!

Korey @ Launchable AI


Demo page:

Editor view: Automatic-text-generator-demo-app | Bubble Editor

Plugin page: Text Generator / Content Creator Plugin | Bubble

P.S. - For those who are familiar with GPT-3, this plugin is not using GPT-3 or GPT-2, but is using a model that is GPT-inspired.

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Hi all,

We’ve just released an update to this plugin. The output is now faster and semantically richer. We’ve upgraded to using GPT-J-6B from the wizards at Eleuther AI (

Check out the demo if you’re interested in automatic text / content generation.