🔍 Introducing Scious Search: solve instant search once and for all

SciousSearch is available and used in production in numerous apps today (some of those for nearly 2 years). I could get you setup with it today if you like - just DMd you with details. That said, the plugin will be generally available in the Bubble Marketplace in the next 10 or so days.

I can’t find this in the Bubble Marketplace - where do I find this? Thank you.

Hey Cameron!

Thank you for your interest - I’d be happy to help you get started with SciousSearch! The reason you’re not seeing it is because I’m actually releasing it to the Bubble Marketplace next week (it’s been in beta up until now). So, if you can, I recommend waiting until then to start.

To that end, I’d also recommend waiting to purchase a plugin subscription (see “Get your API” key here). We have the annual option but if you choose the $9 per month route - along with the 10 day free trial, I think we can get you in a nice position to assess the plugin at very low cost or even for free (where you can of course cancel at any point if it’s not a good fit).

We still have minor improvements to make to our documentation but it, in combination with our editor examples as a guide, is detailed enough for users to get setup. That said, if you have any questions, I’ll be available to answer them. I want this process to be as seamless as possible, so that’s what I’m here for.

All best!

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Thank you @zelus_pudding

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Hi, your plugin doesn’t show in the store - or am I missing something?

Hey gaudenz, if you’d like to try Scious Search, let me know and I can whitelist your app for our free trial. Here are details on how to get started. The plugin isn’t available on the marketplace yet because I need to refactor a few things before officially listing it. But it’s perfectly usable and we have two dozen businesses who’ve been using it, some for nearly 2 years.

How long should it take to sync data type with close to 4000 entries?

I noticed that it wasn’t syncing automatically so I fired a manual resync - that was 20 minutes ago and it deleted the data type from the collections in typesense and hasn’t created anything new yet O.O

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It’s normally very fast - about under 2 minutes for a collection of 4k records.

Deletion of the index is normal as we essentially wipe / recreate the index every time you sync. But it looks like it’s not completing that second half of the operation. Have you tried re-syncing? Did you ever get an email or error? If so, what?

I haven’t received any emails. I see the collection is there now, but with only 300 records and refreshing isn’t making that number go up.

Possible it timed out or something? Unsure how to even trouble shoot it.

I haven’t updated the Sync-Admin dashboard basically since you created Scious search… would that be affecting the ability to sync? has there been an update that would have rendered it obsolete?

That there is a partial set of records there is curious. Out of curiosity, are using the latest version of Scious Search plugin? If not, can you update it and try again. Also, have by chance tried syncing it again? If so, do you get the same result?

I don’t believe there has been a material update to the template or plugin that would impact your sync capability from the template.

Yes. Version 1.4.12 - I have now pressed resync for the 3rd time in 40 minutes. Waiting for results.

The first time it didn’t create the new collection at all, and this most recent (3rd) time it has not created it either.

I do see an issue within our logs worth investigating. I’m taking a closer look. Will report back with details as soon as I have them.

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905/3800 records this last time.

I just completed a full sync in less than a minute :slight_smile:

Was just about to message you! So glad to hear it :slight_smile: I’m considering this issue resolved for now but please do let me know if something else comes up! Thank you,

For curious readers like me, may i ask what was the issue ?

Happy to share - so our synchronization mechanism relies on a server we host. The purpose of this server is to be able to iterate through all the records in huge Bubble databases and mirror those records into an Algolia or Typesense index of your choice. We also bake quite a few smarts into that process to make syncing data as simple and powerful as possible.

I should note, the reason we host this server at all is because we can’t perform a sync in backend workflows… their execution time allowance is too short - capped to 30 seconds.

So as for the issue itself, after digging into our logs, it turned out our server was running out of memory when multiple syncs were occuring at the same time. We addressed those memory problems and should be good to go!

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  • There is a lack of transparency about the release of this plugin
  • The download link takes the user to a post anchor for “bask”!
  • The plugin is not searchable in the plugins marketplace (ironic for a search plugin)
  • There are numerous posts about how it will be released soon but it’s not

It’s a shame because it seems like it’s great work produced but poorly planned to be released and communicated to prospective users.