🔍 Introducing Scious Search: solve instant search once and for all

Hey there Sepehr. I think the points you’ve listed are mostly fair to make. It’s true - I have not yet made SciousSearch a one click install from the Bubble Marketplace despite having posted that it would be officially released soon. I have failed to deliver in that respect. At this point I could share a few reasons for why but I’m not sure that’s as useful as this:

  • Anyone can get access to the plugin. As mentioned throughout this thread, you just have to let me know so I can whitelist your app to use it (we offer a free 2 week trial so there’d be no risk to try). A few fellow Bubblers recently purchased our plugin this way.
  • When current users ask for help or a fix to issues, I’ve responded and delivered those fixes. That’s documented in the last three posts.
  • A few things that aren’t obvious from activity on this thread are:
    • Last month we upgraded SciousSearch to work with Bubble’s new API v4 specification and messaged all of our users with details.
    • Over 80% of people who’ve integrated SciousSearch over the last 12 months are still using it because it solves a major problem for them.

Your points are valid and part of a bigger picture. I am working on that official release and hope to have it available as soon as I can. In the mean time, let me know if you want to try it and I’ll get you setup.


Hey @sepehr.online , Thank you for pushing - Scious Search has officially exited beta and is now available on the Bubble marketplace as Omnisearch. Official announcement and future support will be handled here.

In honor of the occasion, can @mikeloc please lock this thread? Thank you in advance :slight_smile: