Introducing the Bubble Developer Roadmap!

Hey everyone,

I’d like to introduce the Bubble Developer Roadmap!

This resource covers everything you need to learn to build apps in 2022 without any prior coding knowledge, in a matter of days/weeks

I receive many questions from people interested in learning more about NoCode and Bubble. Sometimes I point them toward my own YouTube videos, but I couldn’t find a comprehensive overview or roadmap resource for Bubble.

Code does have these. If you google Python Developer Roadmap, JavaScript Developer Roadmap, you’ll find many.

Now you’ll find a Bubble developer roadmap as well!

We cover material around NoCode, Bubble, and go over the types of skill sets you need to learn alongside helpful links to free and paid resources, courses, videos, books etc.

It received some glowing feedback on the Twitter thread announcing it.

Check out the full resource here

I plan on making some video content around this and will post here as well.

Any suggestions for areas I’ve missed or if you have a resource you’d like to add there, please feel free to reply below.



Thought I’d drop a note that I’m recording some YouTube videos to go over these and will trickle those as well