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Does anybody know about ‘written’ resources on Bubble.io. I´m taking the regular route of online tutorials and courses (and feeling overwhelmed) but I have a thing about having structured guides on the written form. I´m aware of “The ultimate guide to bubble performance” by amliesolutions http://forum.bubble.io/t/the-ultimate-guide-to-bubble-performance-the-new-edition-is-out-now-210-pages/ and I´m saving up to buy it, but couldnt´find anything else.
Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks for considering the book! I also have a book on security, and lots of free articles on the website. You can see all articles listed here or use the dropdown menu for categories.


Hi @Vanzza

The Bubble blog contains well-structured written articles by OG Bubblers. You can check them out here; How To Build Any App With No Code - Bubble

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Hi @Vanzza ,

Have you checked out the bubble developer roadmap?

There are many links in there that point to blogs/written content as well as videos.

e.g. The database section has lots of blogs from Airtable.

We’ve also got some blogs here Blog - Our Thoughts on NoCode - AZKY Tech Labs


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